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Songs and Sorrowfule Sonnets

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Songs and Sorrowful Sonnets

James Bowman (countertenor)
Dorothy Linell (lute)

James Bowman came up to New College in 1960 as a young, inexperienced singer. By the time he left the choir, having been first a Choral Scholar and then a Lay Clerk, he was ready to embark on a professional career. This was entirely due to his time in New College Choir and to the support given to him by the College.

He always hoped that he might be able, sometime, to make a solo recital disc in the Chapel, and he now returns some forty years later to record a highly personal selection of lute songs, accompanied by Dorothy Linell.

Track Listing

  1. Henry V111 - Green growth the holly
  2. William Ballett - Sweet was the song the virgin sang
  3. Thomas Ravenscroft - Remember, O thou man
  4. Thomas Tallis - O nata lux de lumine
  5. Thomas Tallis - When rising from the bed of death
  6. Orlando Gibbons - Drop, drop slow tears
  7. Philip Rosseter - What then is love but mourning
  8. Orlando Gibbons - The silver swan
  9. John Dowland - I saw my lady weep
  10. John Dowland - Flow not so fast, ye fountains
  11. John Dowland - Me, me and none but me
  12. John Dowland - Dear, if you change
  13. John Dowland - Can she excuse my wrongs?
  14. Henry Purcell - An Evening Hymn

Lute Solos - Melancholy Galliard, Tarleton’s Resurrection, Fortune My Foe (John Dowland) and Heart’s Ease (anon.)

Recorded in New College Chapel, Oxford.

Producer: Duncan Saunderson
Sound Engineer: Sally Prime
Cover photograph: Jonathan Madden

The use of New College chapel is by kind permission of the Warden and Scholars of New College.